A quick guide to Packfleet delivery preferences

We’ve never been fans of a one-size-fits-all approach at Packfleet.

People have very different wants, needs and expectations in all aspects of life – including deliveries.

While you might prefer a call instead of a knock on the door when your driver pulls up, your neighbour may rather be left undisturbed entirely and instead pick up the package from their safe place later on. Heck, you may even prefer that we left your parcel with that neighbour as a first port of call (provided they also got that memo…)

And those preferences from one person to the next may change from one delivery to another. Because, well, life.

This is why we give our recipients the option to customise how they want to receive every Packfleet delivery that’s on its way to them.

Tailor your order preferences

Missing a delivery is bad enough. But is there anything worse than staying in all day, only to not hear a knock on the door and find a ‘sorry we missed you’ card on your doormat?

A modern day horror story

Wholly fed up with this waste of time, fuel and hope, we devised a better way.

If you don’t answer the door, our drivers will deliver your parcel to a safe place. If you don’t have one, we’ll try a neighbour. If you live in a shared building, we’ll try the reception.

We’re a determined bunch. But the really fun part is that you can tell us the exact order you’d like us to try these different options for every Packfleet delivery you receive.

If you know you’re going to be out of the house, tell us to deliver to your safe place or neighbour first, instead of attempting to deliver through the door. If you’re at home but don’t want to be disturbed – maybe you have a big work call or, worse still, a sleeping baby – you can tell us that you’d rather we called your phone instead of ringing your doorbell.

If you don’t have a safe place – or you don’t believe in the very notion of one – tell us and we literally won’t even go there.

And when we say ‘tell us’, we’re not asking you to give us a ring, wait on hold and relay your preferences to a member of our team. You can simply drag and drop these different options from your Packfleet tracking page until your heart’s content.

Don't just tell us where your safe place is, get it on camera too 📷

Change your needs to the exact neighbour

We understand that not all neighbours are created equal.

While picking up your order from Jackie at Number 30 is a delight, knocking on Number 34’s door to find a grumpy Mark isn’t ideal after a long day in the office…

If you have a preferred neighbour for our drivers to try, tell us. The same goes for your designated safe place and any access instructions our drivers need to get your package safely in your hands at the end of the day. 

Don’t have a reception we can deliver to? You can tell us that too. Need to change your delivery address? You can do that. Maybe you need to change the phone number you want to be contacted on? Yep, that too. Want us to deliver on a different day altogether? You know the drill by now.

Our goal is to create a delivery experience that’s as easily changeable as our random daily lives.

If you have an idea on how we can do that better than we are now, please let us know. Our inbox is always open for ideas!