Announcing live chat for all customers

Click the envelope button on the bottom right of your screen to chat with us

One of the key frustrations we hear over and over again when talking to existing customers and potential new ones is how difficult it is to get in contact with the traditional couriers, especially when something goes wrong.

Whether you're shipping perishable items that have to be delivered on the correct day or want to know exactly what's happening with a specific delivery, waiting on hold to talk to customer service at an incumbent courier is a slow and painful process. We've heard stories of waiting for 2 hours+ only to then end up speaking to someone who can't actually do anything — all while frozen food is slowly defrosting in a delivery depot somewhere!

We want to change that. Our number one priority is making Packfleet so good that you never need to contact us. Number two is then making the Packfleet app so useful that you can solve any problems you have there and then yourself. But if all that fails, we want it to be quick and easy to get in touch with us so we can answer your question and get you focused back on your business.

So, as of today, we now have live chat built into Packfleet, so you can message us instantly and get a reply back from someone in the team who'll be able to answer your question or solve your problem!

Give it a go today — we'd love to chat 😄