🛒 Better checkout and fulfillment using Shopify

We’ve updated our Shopify app to improve your customers checkout experience and also save you time during fulfillment. This is what’s new:

Show Packfleet at checkout

Enable this feature and we’ll show Packfleet as a delivery option during checkout whenever your customers postcode is within our always expanding delivery area. Use Shopify “handling fee” to adjust what price you want to charge your customers for the delivery.

More flexibility for automatic fulfillment

Use this feature and we’ll mark as “fulfilled” orders in Shopify at any stage of the delivery journey you want: whenever shipments are created, labels printed, on collection or out for delivery.

Automatic tagging

Turn this one on and we’ll automatically add tags to your Shopify orders to help you filter out what of those you’re shipping with us and which ones you’re giving to a nation-wide courier. There’s also options to add tags when orders are created, labels printed, collected, etc.

Head to the Settings page to enable the new features and tailor them to your needs.

We hope all these improvements will make your life easier and can’t wait to hear your feedback and suggestions 😊