Dispatched: Packfleet’s Weekly Update — 15 October 2021

Josh Garnham

Now we’ve released the new Packfleet, we’re going to start posting weekly updates on what’s new and improved in the product each week. So let’s get going!

It’s been a busy week following on from the launch, with a focus on tweaks requested by customers, bug fixes and improvements across the board. We’ve also been thinking ahead for what our next big focus will be; more on that soon!

Multi-pack shipments now show a clearer overall status


  • ✨ We finessed and improved our labels so that they look consistently beautiful regardless of what browser you’re printing from and so that the notes are always printed clearly!
  • ⏳ Tracking a shipment with multiple packs now displays a clearer and more intuitive overall status when there are packs in different states.
  • 📲 We improved a lot of our internal tooling to make it easier for drivers to manually type in tracking codes and to better handle shipments that we collect ahead of their booked in collection date. Speedy!
  • 🔁 If you head to the login or signup page when you’re already logged in then we’ll now redirect you to the homepage because… you’re already logged in. Makes sense right?!

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes the wrong collection date might be shown as selected when editing a shipment if you had recurring collections as well. Count it fixed!
  • We didn’t always correctly validate phone numbers or same-day delivery cut-offs so that’s sorted now too.
  • Lots of little internal issues with Slack notifications, error handling and routing were tidied up too, leaving us with smooth sailing for the weeks ahead ⛵️