Dispatched: Packfleet’s Weekly Update — 26th November 2021

Josh Garnham

Our busiest week of parcels yet so a lot of focus on the operational side of things this week! Also we had our first van wrapped with our branding and design which looks amazing — more on that soon 👀


  • 🙈 Booked collections will now close for further shipments once we’ve collected the first one. This should help save the confusion of accidentally booking a shipment for a collection that has already happened!
  • 🎊 Christmas & New Year are on their way and (turns out!) they come with some new bank holidays; collection booking & delivery dates now take these into account.
  • 📦 Packs that are collected on a day different to their booked collection date are now updated accordingly meaning that the after-the-fact collection date on your dashboard will always be correct!
  • 🔁 In very rare circumstances (i.e. we’ve only had this once), we have to return the shipment to the sender — so we now have a new tracking status for that 🆕
  • ✨ Also a whole lot of work has gone into getting our infrastructure set-up for our own routing & driver app, and as we said last week, this will pave the way for a lot of exciting stuff both for merchants and recipients that we haven’t been able to do quite yet!