Dispatched: Collection improvements for merchants

Tristan Thomas

We’ve been hard at work this week shipping a bunch of improvements for our merchants, making it even easier to plan your days around your Packfleet collections.

Beautiful new map and ETA

An example live map with ETA for a Packfleet collection

First up, when you’ve got a Packfleet driver coming to collect from you, you can now see a live map of exactly where they are and a up-to-date ETA for when they’ll get to you. Perfect for working out whether you’ve got time to package that last parcel up quickly before we arrive!

Better visibility of multiple collections

If you’ve got multiple warehouses or shops and we’re collecting from them all on the same day, we’ve made it much easier to see them all at the same time and know which one is which. Both will have the new map view so you can quickly see when we’re coming.

One-off skipping for recurring collections

Just hit that Skip button!

If you’ve got a recurring collection set up, it’s now much easier to skip one of them without having to edit all of them. One click on Skip and you’re done!

We’ve got lots more to come so keep your eyes peeled 🎉