Dispatched: More settings and preferences

Weʼve got lots of exciting changes lined up for the Packfleet app our customers use. First among them is: expanded settings and preferences!

For our new tracking pages as part of giving recipients more control, we assigned each of our merchants an emoji to represent the products coming their customers' way. As a merchant, you can now change this from your settings page and control what your customers see directly! Just click on your company's name on the top right of the Packfleet web app to access the new Settings & Preferences tab.

Weʼve also added a toggle to help us know how to deliver shipments better. As a merchant, you can select whether your shipments are perishable, and we will treat them accordingly. Most importantly, your customers wonʼt be able to change the delivery date of your shipments when this is selected.

Other small additions worth mentioning are:

  • Distinguishing your companyʼs legal name from your trading name. Set your trading name to what your customers should see when you ship with us. Weʼll only use your legal name when itʼs needed, for example in invoices.
  • You can now add a separate invoicing e-mail. Invoices will be sent to this e-mail instead of your personal login e-mail.

We plan to bring much more to the settings and preferences side of things soon, so stay tuned!