Dispatched: Packfleet’s Weekly Update — 22nd October 2021

Robin Bilgil

As we end our second week running on our new platform, weʼve already come up with a (really) long list of things to improve. This week we focused on continuing to develop the web app and shipped a steady stream of small things to help customer manage shipments and collections better. We hope youʼve already noticed a few, but if not then do keep reading!


  • 📅 A brand new look to your booked collections: we now highlight Todayʼs and Tomorrowʼs collections and show you how many shipments are booked for each collection. Theyʼre now always laid out horizontally so collections later in the week take up less space on your screen too.
  • 📥 We no longer select the soonest collection by default when creating shipments. It was too easy to make mistakes and book shipments for the wrong collection date!
  • ⚙️ Weʼre starting to give you control over your account by introducing a basic Settings page. You can now edit your name, your company name or your email address from here. And it will only get more functional as time goes on!
  • ☎️ We now require a phone number or email address when creating shipments (with a helpful error if you donʼt enter one). This means we can always send tracking information and delivery notifications, especially if we have to leave something with a neighbour or in a safe place, and avoids the dreaded “sorry, we missed you” cards!
  • 🛒 You can now select whether you want us to auto-fulfil orders you imported from Shopify on the import screen.
  • 🚚 And lots of small, hidden improvements on our internal tools to help us run our operations better.

    Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where you could try and import orders from a CSV without selecting a collection. This previously showed a very unhelpful error (“Something went wrong”). Sorry about that!
  • We fixed an issue where you sometimes couldnʼt edit a shipment you had already created.