Dispatched: Packfleet’s Weekly Update — 29th October 2021

Josh Garnham

Lots of treats (and not too many tricks) this week! We’ve been hard at work giving more control over collections and shipment timings for a better experience both for merchants and recipients.

Add delivery time slots for shipments — free for a limited time


  • 🪟 You can now edit existing Collection time windows, allowing you to have different time windows for collections on different days. We know this flexibility will be really useful for a lot of our merchants.
  • ✨ Speaking of time windows, we now support delivery time slots for shipments! Read the full announcement post here.
  • 💬 As you might have heard you can now chat with us directly from the web app, so no need to open up Gmail or your e-mail client to drop us an email.
  • 📱 Tried using our web app on your phone? Now it should look much neater with 100% less overflowing text.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a small issue where we hadn’t correctly migrated & made use of some merchant’s phone numbers for collections. That’s fixed now so it’s easy for our drivers to give you a call when they need to!