Dispatched: Packfleet’s Weekly Update — 19th November 2021

Robin Bilgil

Weʼve focused on improving our operations and internal tooling in the past few weeks to help us serve you better as we grow. New tooling weʼre developing will soon help reduce the number of mistakes and amount of manual work required in planning routes and dispatching drivers! As usual though weʼre always on the lookout for tweaks to the merchant experience too.

So hereʼs whatʼs worth mentioning this week:


  • Weʼve moved into our new HQ in South-East London and are now operating from here full time!
  • Weʼve started building our own routing and driver management software to help us be more flexible & efficient, paving the road for things like same-day collections with later cut-off times.

Product improvements

  • 🛒 Your Shopify orders now show the orderʼs notes on the import screen, and you can add, remove or change them straight from there too.
  • 🔎 Thereʼs less confusion and one less click when searching for an address using the postcode.