Dispatched: Putting recipients back in control 💪

We’ve always wanted to put recipients back in control of their deliveries and today we’re announcing a selection of new features that do this, some of which aren’t possible to do with any other courier. And the best bit is that all of these options are available at any point in the parcel’s journey, so you can make changes right up until 30 seconds before delivery.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at them:

Deliver to a neighbour

Out and about when we’re going to be delivering? No problem! Just choose this option and tell us which neighbour you’d like us to deliver your shipment to. We’ll take a photo to confirm delivery and let you know exactly who we left it safely with.

Deliver to a safe place

Prefer that we leave it somewhere safe on your property? No problem! Choose this and tell us exactly where you want us to leave it and we’ll take a photo to confirm we left it there. No more searching around your house in the dark to find a parcel!

Leave access instructions

Got a gate with a code? Hard to find your flat? No problem! Leave access instructions for our driver and we’ll make sure they’re followed; and we’ll delete them after delivery from our servers too.

Deliver on a different date

Want us to delay delivery? No problem! Choose any date in the next 30 days (!) and we’ll hold your parcel until then; you can ask us to do this at any point, even right up to before we deliver.

Deliver to a different address

This one is magic! Noticed you entered the wrong address or now want it delivered to your work instead? Provided the new address is in London, you can change the address and we’ll deliver it there instead. And if you do it before 8am on the day of delivery, we’ll deliver it on the original day we were going to.

And more coming soon!

This is just the beginning. We want to give you full control of your parcel at all times, so you never have to worry about it again. Look out for even more options over the coming months and let us know what you’d like to see too 😄

We’ll also be bringing all these options to our merchants to choose from too, so if a customer gets in touch with you, you can make changes on their behalf. It’s as easy as that!