Packfleet Deliveries over Christmas 🎅

Christmas is drawing near and with that, here at Packfleet HQ, we’re preparing everything to ensure we deliver all of your parcels on time. We wanted to share our plans with you so that you can plan ahead — if anything here doesn’t match up with what you were expecting, please just let us know.

First things first: for all of our existing customers, we’re guaranteeing delivery pre-Christmas if we collect from you on or before December 23rd. We won’t limit your parcel numbers out-of-the-blue or tell you that you can’t send with us; and we’ve also built in some extra capacity so if you know of other businesses that are struggling with their existing courier, send them our way! We’ll be able to get them up and running to start sending the same day.


The short version:

We’ll be doing collections and deliveries every day that’s not a bank holiday or weekend!

The detailed version:

Last collection for pre-Christmas delivery

Thursday December 23rd, for delivery on Christmas Eve

No collections or deliveries on:

  • Monday December 27th
  • Tuesday December 28th
  • Monday January 3rd

Collections and deliveries as usual otherwise:

  • December 29th-31st inclusive
  • January 4th onwards

If you have any questions or concerns about this, let us know through instant chat or by email to And we wish you a successful and happy holiday season! 🎄