✨ We've made it to the Startups 100 list!

We're so excited and proud to say that we've made it into the Startups 100 list this year. We're there alongside some brilliant companies all working hard to disrupt their industries and make things better for people and the world.

We're also the very proud winners of their ecommerce award

The ecommerce award is for businesses showing evidence of genuine innovation in the competitive ecommerce space to support seamless consumer experience.

We started Packfleet to change the narrative of expensive, unethical delivery services and so wins like this mean the absolute world to us 🌎

As Hugo Cornejo (one of our co-founders) said, "we're on a mission to empower independent businesses across the UK to offer the best deliveries on earth".

...And we were shortlisted for their 'Just Started' award too!

The 'Just Started' award is for companies which were started in 2021/22 and have already demonstrated impressive growth, success, or disruption in their field.

As Hugo said in his interview, β€œwe're still a very small company, but we already serve over 100 ecommerce merchants,” he says, β€œand with 0% churn – they really seem to love our service!”

This is just the beginning. A huge thank you to our incredible team - everyone from developers to drivers and in between. We couldn't make Packfleet, Packfleet without you.

Watch this space for more to come from us at Packfleet πŸ’š

What makes Packfleet, Packfleet