🆕 The new Packfleet dashboard is now live!

Peteris Bikis

We’ve just updated the Packfleet dashboard to make it even easier to manage shipments and book new ones in.

The main change is a new sidebar on the left which lets you quickly jump to:

  • Add shipments
  • Shipments to be collected
  • Shipments on their way
  • Shipments delivered

We hope this will save you a lot of scrolling if you have a large number of orders.

The new add shipments page

The other big change is making the Add Shipments screen more powerful. This will automatically pull in shipments from Shopify or Linnworks (with more integrations coming soon) and give an easy way to edit the number of packs, add notes and change the time you want it to be delivered. Just click on the field you want to change and you’re good to go.