Welcoming the newest addition to the Packfleet fleet!

Tristan Thomas
A few of the Packfleet fleet

We’ve just brought on our first “big” electric van to join the growing Packfleet fleet! Meet the Maxus eDeliver 9. It has space for (literally) hundreds of parcels, a range of over 200 miles on one charge and a very snazzy reversing camera.

This eDeliver 9 joins our all-electric fleet, made up of a range of electric vans including the Maxus eDeliver 3 and the Peugeot e-Expert. All of them are branded with our Packfleet aquamarine colour. As Hugo (cofounder and design extraordinaire says):

You’ve probably seen our vans by now - they use a colour shift vinyl called aquamarine. It’s one of those funny materials that depending on the angle you look at it, the colour totally changes from green to blue to purple. It’s striking and it’s stable. Even after years of exposure to the sun the colour will still look great.

That last section is really important to us. There are lots of eye-catching options for wrapping vehicles that only last a few months in the sun. They then start to break down and lose their unique colour, so need to be replaced. Neon colours are especially prone to this. This means that the vans would need rewrapping at least every year, if not more, and all that old wrapping material would just go in the bin. As a registered B-Corp, it seemed a bit silly to spend all of the time and money we do in getting electric vans and planting trees to then cause so much material wastage. So we spent a long time looking at material options to find something that looked amazing but also that would last a long time out and about on the roads of London, which finally brought us to Packfleet’s aquamarine. And we love it!

Our vans are a marketing channel: other businesses have to pay for ads on the sides of buses, but we get them for free. They show our audience that our vans are new (our whole fleet is electric), that we care about attention to detail and that we’re different and better. And our fleet is always growing, so you should see more and more of them out and about!

And a shameless plug: we’re now hiring a Fleet Manager to oversee all of these vehicles and help us get more! Read more and apply here.